endless apathy

flowing before my eyes
trying to stop it, trying to catch it
running out of my sight, take me

a shroud of misery
covers my mind and makes me sleep
sucking me dry, I have no power left
in my empty…body

my empty soul
feed me with anger, feed me with love
take me out of my cold, feel me

a shroud of misery
covers my mind and make me sleep
sucking me dry I’m feeling powerless
in my own dreams

black poison fills, all hopes leave
turning myself into what I couldn’t ever be

pain, fill me with all your frustration
say it, there is no way to release me
now trying to stop all the ambitions
say it, there is no chance now to free me

s for silence, m for mediocrity
v for violence, i for this insanity

let me drown in your embrace and believe me
let me taste and leave no trace, then retrieve me


erase that frame

nemesis of the living found there
the first blood was spilled, it bites so deep
evil seed for a massive destruction
sown in such a fertile soil

used to look to the sky from behind a tight window
sunny afternoon blessing from above
hanging down the phone she started weeping

misuse of power, shame’s on you
divide and control is all you arrange
a sense of violation almost turns into hate

I cannot bear this lie, there’s no guiding light
how d’you want me to stand in line?

erase that frame, show no mercy
wash your mind off, spill the infected blood
suffering from intoxication which poisoned all my thoughts

I cannot bear this lie, there’s no heaven’s light
how can you put all these hopes by my side?

take all these portraits out of my mind
they often come to drive me wild
still, like sculptures in my soul
they make me thrill, they take my blood and they let it boil


silent screaming

erase the fears before rejection
indeed I have no interest on your pseudo-affection
as it sinks down

all I see is a blinded hallucination
frozen paroxysm
try to get rid of the pain that they give
noiseless inner riot

wounded spirit defies me to desecrate
all the good that’s left in my heart
ripping deeply to the marrow of my soul
broken exploit, silent screaming

plain void is inside my head
mindless involution
try to release all the turmoils in me
useless information

and I will build my cage, suffocating silently
lie to me once more, get buried deep in me

and I will feel the same growing seeds of apathy
in my empty rooms I dwell evermore



I don’t know you, I don’t care what you’ve done
high walls and circles, just myself

eyeLand, my home sweet hell

stand on my own
stubborn and annoyed, am i lost?
leave me alone
paranoid and bruised, I pretend not to be scared



when pain is caressed by dark gray clouds
and sky resembles a stormy sea upside down
when rain comes pouring down and horizon disappears

let me cherish your anguish, erase fatalities
find your essence through pain, I am nemesis

when joy comes to you kissed by sunlight
it’s never enough as you’re asking for more
and her smiling eyes are giving you
everything you thought you would ever need

I will bury you in anguish, wall you up with fatalities
drown your essence in pain, I am nemesis

the deepest sea within
the darkest light surrounding
born from Oceanus and night

bring us balance, equilibrium
bring us justice, bring us equilibrium


blind side

a shiver runs through, no inhibition
defense collapses, every wall crumbles down

is it something greater? is fear the real key?
pick up your choice now

I will still be waiting here
all words are lost, once i get to the core

inside the mainframe
of your half-heart shaped and pale blind-side
to the mainframe of your blind side

small secrets treasured, stored in the bottom
fiery collection, each flame my eyes perceive

no reason to care about dirt on my lips
the lack of knowledge, the trust now missing here



time and silence will mirror all the lies
I have seen too many flowers weeping and bleeding with no delight

promise is broken, hold my deception tight
all of these memories, they come to hurt as sharp spines

my reflection fades to grey, my path is an endless rain

I found it so easy to dream about hell
since I’ve come to realize that maybe I know it too well

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